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James Steven Hastings, Oklahoma

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So at the beginning of May I met a wonderful person named James Hastings( Jim). He was charming and oh so talented with words, he made my heart melt.. but something was really wrong.. just had this wierd feeling that there was something he was not telling me. His story from the beginning was he had never been married and had a thirteen year old daughter in another state that he missed so much!!! Being a parent myself I could never imagine being without one of my children, he claimed to be a man of God and he even went to one of my church campuses in the past. I was more than happy to think that he was being so honest and that I might have met someone I could share my time with, wrong!!! So May 19 rolls around and being part of the National Guard he has to serve his two weeks out of the year. We had made plans to spend the night with each other and then all the sudden this is the text message I got…. “How much do you love me baby. Good news and bad news. My daughter is in town. Good news Bad news I won’t be staying with you tonight. I know you understand but I truely feel bad. I will call you soon, At work, I do love you baby!” ” I want to see you so I will come by before you go to work.” I understood his daughter is more important but here is the thing, he has never called since, not even a text! I have left message after message telling him how worried I was about him, nothing! YOu know how you can sense a problem in a dating relationship? There was nothing to warn me, nothing like a fight or misunderstanding, crazy huh? We didn”t have a one night stand where he just took off so thats not the reason. The only thing I can think of is he was married and she found something and he knew I was to smart and would find out. So my warning to all of you is stay away from him, to sneaky and will go MIA once he gets whatever it is he wants, got me though!!!

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