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James Edward Furman, Hopatcong, New Jersey

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This person is a sociopath who has no feelings and only uses people. He is married and he claims he is separated but he lives with his wife, he treats the wife as a maid, while he goes and looks around for girls in bars, he uses those girls just for sex. Also he goes to malls and loves to see teenage girls in mini skirt, because he loves under age girls though he is not registered as a sex offender. He meets woman online and then he tells me he loves them, he calls to them everyday and manipulate them , till he asks for gifts and they send it or they don’t send them anyway he gets tired because he just uses people as toys, and then he dumps them. He sells those gifts on eBay, and also he asks for porn videos to sell them online on his private website. He is a pig. He manipulates girls really bad. And I was one of his preys. He also dates married woman, he had an affair with a Chinese married woman and then now he is having an affair with the wife of one of his friends. After he caused a girl to suicide by his manipulations, and he feels so guilty and he hasn’t even confronted the family. He belongs in a mental institution.

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