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Jackie Burnett, Colfax, Washington

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Jackie Burnett Alexander left her husband of 8 years to move in with my now ex-husband 2 months before our marriage was dissolved. She was the second coworker my husband had an affair with just 2 months after our wedding day! I’ve already exposed my ex-husband Fred Yates on this site after his first affair in April 2014. I moved out we filed for divorce. My anger subsided after a few weeks I decided to try and save my marriage. We tried to reconcile, but Fred seemed distant and distracted. I would later learn he had been seeing Jackie all along. Their relationship started 2 months after we were married. She was married herself and walked out on her husband of 8 years to move in with mine! I wrote her a letter explaining that I wanted to save my marriage and she should try to do the same. I never got a response. Our divorce was final on August 22nd, but we have stayed in contact. I am still fighting to save our relationship. One week ago, I sent Jackie copies of text messages between Fred and I since our divorce. I guess I could be considered the other woman now. I refuse to give up I will do whatever it takes to save our relationship. I have also been in contact with Jackie’s husband David. He loves her and wants her back! This past year has been a nightmare. I’m still in shock. I feel ashamed, alone and overwhelmed. I don’t know what else to do.

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