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Jack Morley Berlin Gorham , New Hampshire

First Name : Jack
Last Name : Morley
Gender : M
Age : 60
City : Berlin Gorham
State : NH
Country : US
Email :
Phone : (603)723-0529
Alias 1 : John

I’m Jack Morley. Some call me John. I have a pathetic 3 inch erection and women have laughed at me my whole life. Even in high school the boys in gym were vicious as they ridiculed my tiny little penis. As time went by I became impotent, unable to satisfy any women. Now I still can’t get fully hard but I can ejaculate so long as I expose myself to women and older teenage girls. So I have been exposing myself for years. I would say that I have exposed myself to thousands of women in person and ten times that many on line. I want a woman to totally dominate me and expose my perversions to everyone, friends, neighbors, my employer, and all the people who live here in Berlin, NH, USA. If you want to help me contact me at 6037230529 or You can own me if you want. I want to be under your complete control. Google me to get more info.

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