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Ilene Joy Pederson, San Antonio, Texas

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Ilene Joy Lindaan Pederson (everyone calls her Joy) lives in San Antonio, Texas. She is from the Philippines, and basically used me for the purpose of being able to immigrate to the US, get a green card, and secure US citizenship. We met online several years ago, and I traveled to Davao, Philippines to meet her in person. I instantly fell in love with Joy, and she professed her love for me, so I proposed marriage. She also uses the online alias Jhoyce Chui.

While I was waiting for her visa to be approved, I received a call from Davao, from someone who knew her, warning me of Joy’s true nature. I was informed that Joy worked as a prostitute in a bar in Davao, and was always seeking men who would bring her to the US, but I was so blinded by love, I ignored the warnings.

Once Joy arrived in the US, and we were married, things started to change. She started going out to discos frequently with friends, never telling me where she was going. I trusted her, so I didn’t complain, but when I asked her if I could come along, she always said that it was just “girls’ night.”

After I obtained her US citizenship for her, Joy moved to a different bedroom, and was very distant. I treated her like a queen, and even took her to Europe, Las Vegas, on a Carnival cruise, and other trips that she always begged me to go on. Although Joy had a full time job, I never asked her to contribute anything to our finances.

Several months ago, after I tried to get Joy to open up about why she was so cold to me, Joy moved out of the house, after which I discovered that she was having an affair with a man named Jamey Davis, who lived in Tennessee, but traveled frequently to San Antonio on business. I called Jamey Davis, and he was very apologetic, claiming that Joy had told him that she was separated.

I later discovered, by looking at Joy’s frequent flier account, that one week before she left me, she had booked a ticket to Nashville to spend Christmas with her lover. I tried to cancel the trip, and begged Joy to go to counseling, but she was determined to pursue her lover.

Joy and I have recently divorced, and I feel so heartbroken and, yes, angered that I was played for a fool from the very beginning. This woman has no sense of decency or loyalty, and views marriage as merely a tool for financial gain. In effect, Joy committed immigration fraud by using a sham marriage to gain entry to the US.

Beware of this woman. She is an incredible actress, and seems sweet and innocent on the outside, when in fact she always has an agenda.

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