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Howard, Smallowitz. Austin. Texas, usa

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I was a single mother, and I decided to start dating again after years of single life. In the past I have made many mistakes in my dating choices. And this mistake was my worst.
My friends invited me out for dancing. This is where I met Howard Smallowitz, the cheapest man to walk the earth!!!

Every time we went out for dinner, drinks, dancing, or with friends, he always demanded that we go “Dutch”. He always refused to pay, even on Valentine’s day!!

Late one night I heard some strange noises and I went into the living room. Howard Smallowitz was taking apart my sopha. I asked him what he,was doing, and he said he was looking for spare change!!! What a creep!!!
I demanded that he leave but he refused,to leave unless I gave him ” gas money”!!
I threatened to call the police, and he became scared and ran out the door.
Later, I called a friend and cried on her shoulder. She confessed that she had also dated him, even though she was married. She met him on a cheating website. She told me that he liked to sleep with married women because he did not have to spend any money on them.
He had been cheating in me the entire time we were together. What a horrible dog!!

He never gave me back the money he found in my couch. And I later discovered that he stole all the loose change from my car.
If you see this penny pinching, money grubbing, cheater, RUN!!

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