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Howard Eugene Johnson, Burlington, North Carolina

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Patrol Trooper. Orange County North Carolina. He conveniently pulled me over for speeding. Of course he only gave me a warning ticket. Ran my tag found out where I lived. Later got my number from his secretary who also pulled me up on Facebook to show him my pictures, etc. I was warned by another State Trooper to stay away from him, that he was unstable in his emotions. But of course..I fell for him and all his lies. He lived off me for a year and a half. I a single mother with no child support working two jobs bought him clothes etc, washed his clothes, cooked for him, bought his groceries, bought all gifts his child received for every occasion, bought her clothes..etc. He said he wanted to move in together, had EVERY intention of getting on one knee and asking me to marry him..said he bought me a ring..And then..he backed off..he walked away, said it was him not me..I was perfect, more than he could ever ask for. He never said bye to my daughter..nothing like we never existed..The kicker? I did some digging when we broke seems this man is a professional walk away joe..Left his first wife and two kids for a Alamance County Judge’s wife..who left her husband after a lengthy affair with the State Trooper. They get married only a few months later..he gets bored with her, disses her kids, backs out on a trip. She goes on the trip cheats on him..he leaves her/her kids (the house they lived in? same school district as first wife, only a few miles down the road)She flips ends up in a mental ward. He gets transferred to my county..woohoo lucky me..Played the victim to everyone..everyone feels so sorry for this idiot..who basically goes after what he wants like a the life out of his prey..then just leaves rhyme, no cold, so callous. This man will tell you everything you want to hear, acts so meek and humble, like a saint..beware he is the cruelest most selfish person I have ever met..and of course has a sick sexual was exhausting taking care of him..I have never been so betrayed in my life and can only pray for whoever his next victim is ..reminds me of a serial killer with no conscience…Hes the guy on the end on the right.

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