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I don’t usually like to air my dramas online, I’ve been gravely hurt, humiliated and just want to try and heal and move on, but I have to expose this lying, cheating asshole for who he is. I wish someone warned me about this guy before I wasted almost three years of my time, emotions, attention and affection on him.

His name is Marc Nilsson. I have here some pics of him. He supposedly is a 37 year old man who will at first say he’s 24. He was born in Southampton, England and last lived in Tenerife de Santa Cruz in the Canary Islands. He goes by slaveboy_foruse in Yahoo, but wr mostly chatted in Facebook. I just found out that he has just married a Denise Malcolm of Buffalo, New York. I confronted Marc with my knowledge of his nuptials and he had nothing to say for himself. I said most of what I had to say to him before the lying coward ran away and blocked me. Now he’s Denise Malcom’s lying and cheating problem. He will lure a girl in with sweet words, say he has fallen, is smitten, in love, or words like eternity, forever. He will call a woman a goddess, say she is exalted. Marc will promise there’s no one else, he said he was mine and only mine, his heart only belonged to me. A woman I thought just had a crush on him, a fan girl, was really his fiance. Girl I thought he didn’t choose, he chose and recently made his wife.

I shouldn’t have let myself get so attached and so trusting, but I did and learned a hard lesson. I was too stupid to see. So now I’m going into the holidays and new year heartbroken, instead of marking another year for Marc and I. Take heed and learn ladies. Take this as a warning, beware of Marc Nilsson! He has the face of an angel, but is a lying devil. If you want to take this warning, take this warning or don’t and be as big a fool as I was. I just wish I had such a warning like this 3 years ago, I’d have known how to protect myself.

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