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Are you a victim of a cheater or a homewrecker?
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Don’t let some cheater or homewrecker get away with ruining your relationship.
Instead, report a cheater or a homewrecker to warn the public and prevent further infidelity.

On liarsandcheaters.com, you can discuss your experience and express yourself! This website provides a service where you can express your experience and find support about the people who have done you wrong. You can report specific infidelity. Sometimes dating and meeting people can become a difficult experience. People lie to you, cheat on you, play you, and hurt you.

Has anyone dated your spouse? Have you trusted and put yourself on the line for someone who turned out to be a player or a married person?  Are you the victim of a cheater or a home wrecker? You can not only find others that have been similarly victimized, but you can also report the perpetrators of these games to the world and save others from the heartache. Wouldn’t you like to help others and prevent the people who cheated on you or tried to steal your husband and wife from doing it again?

When you are a victim in a relationship and are cheated on, you may feel like you are alone and helpless, you are not!  Tell us about your experience, report a cheater, or report a home wrecker, and find support and closure!  Also help others in providing advice on how to catch a cheating husband, wife, or unfaithful spouse! Tell others about the signs of a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend so that they will do what is necessary so that they do not become victims of infidelity.

This website is simply a source of support and discussion regarding the topic of infidelity and betrayal of trust.  Remember that all the opinions in this site are only the opinions of their respective authors, and this site does not guarantee the truthfulness or accuracy of any of the posts herein.  We only provide a platform for discussion and opinions, we do not participate.

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This site is for people who suspect their mate might be cheating.

Here they can log on and see if anyone has posted them – and just how much evidence there is to prove it.

Videos, photos, audio, texts, emails and even birthmarks.

IMPORTANT — this site is NOT for scorned past lovers who are simply jealous of their ex’s new lover.

If they’ve moved on then so should you. Do you really want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you?

Our easy to use website has thousands of Cheaters and HomeWreckers complaints filed each year, and we are visited by over THREE MILLION people every month! We are by far the most popular and most trusted Cheater review website online since 2003. So whether you’re looking for the right relationship, or you already found the wrong one, we are happy you’re here!