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Henry joseph samaniego

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He is the most horrible Violent Narcissistic cut throat, backstabbing , cheating, like g, lowlife, scapegoating, victim playing, cop calling liar and laziest self entitled dirty brokeass, conman~troll I’m the western hemisphere by far. Been with him 18 months and i was in a jam and was moving away when I first met him and he begged me to move in with him and his elderly ain’t aunt and uncle. I realized he was not able to work due to extreame laziness. He then slept with an HIV positive girl in my bed WHILE I WAS SLEEPING IN IT,…and didn’t give a crap. ( I have tested 2X negative so far). He then contracted the Clap from another girl he claims is just a friend but his text messages with her clearly say they have a sexual and a deep loving relationship but she cant leave her guy. He never one time room me to eat or to get a drink or anywhere other than alone. He throws me out constantly and once when I was naked. For NO reason just out of the blue! He keeps my wallet n money n I’D n never return it so I have to replace everything. He keeps my shoes so I’m barefoot and three threw out EVERY PAIR I OWNED so I had to get free shotty shoes from the church. He leaves me to freeze and starve after I sexually Service him and in 18 months I can count the number of times he’s gotten me off on one hand v.s. the hundreds of times I’ve pleasured him fully. He injured my back severely and broke my cheek bone. He’s caused me to suffer hear heat stroke and I’ve almost died of the cold as I huddle with the homeless in squalor n freeze g conditions. He’s caused everyone I knew away and destroyed my work I g and personal relationships forever,…my career is OVER due to a rumor he started that has a stigma that can’t be erased,…and I’m innocent. He’s never given me one bday or Xmas gift n I’ve given him thousands in gifts. He’s stolen 12+ of my cell phones and ALL my clothes and blamed me for it all or denies It! It’s ruined my life and an extreame n Violent drug addicted Narcissistic ass**** is the nicest thing I can say about him. His family enables him and it makes me throw up in my mouth! AND I’VE NOT EVEN SCRATCHED THE SURFACE OF THIS FESTERING CHUNK OF CRAP! STAY AWAY LADIES BECAUSE HE IS THE WORST PERSON IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE .

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