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Heather Brooke, United States of America

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Heather Brooke (who is also known as Heather Harmon) and who happens to be an adult actress, female adult performer, and a female adult entertainer is a evil, wicked, devious, sick-minded, and truly disgusting racist bigot whose racism and whose prejudice has been especially directed towards African-American men or Black men whose skin color she has a deep hatred against. Heather Brooke has done webcam shows on a site known as iFriends and she has used other aliases known as Penny and Kimber (according to some). Her racist disgust has hindered her greatly from having a serious relationship with these men because of her racist hatred for their skin color. It is due to this fact that Heather Brooke must be blacklisted and be strongly condemned for being the dirty, stinking, mentally ill, malicious, and mentally poisoned skin color racist bigot she truly indeed is.

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