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Harry Eugene Bierworth III. Cortland, OH. USA

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Harry E. Bierworth III is a proven user, liar and cheat. He is homosexual, feminine in behavior and thinks no one can tell that he is a flaming gay slut. HA! He usually uses the internet to hook up with anonymous males of any age and look. He refuses to allow his Tricks to use protection. He is a 100% bottom receiver. He doesn’t care if you are std free or not. He has many many aliases with hbierwoth @ all of the major email sites, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, Gmail etc. We’ll cut him a break, not that he deserves one, and not share his fake names at twitter, tumblr, pinterest and ALL of the gay hook up apps in his tablet and iPhone. You’ll often find him in parks, parking lots, WALMART or anyplace men can be found. He meets any and all strangers/men as long as they are willing to give him anal. He usually doesn’t require pictures or names and prefers total anonymity. Frankly, that hole is not cleaned between his many multiple partners. This is not a frequent, but daily practice of his. Many of his John’s won’t talk to you about being with him but all share the same opinion. Oh yeah, he sometimes plays off that he wants a monogamous relationship but can’t due to his penis promiscuous rendezvous’s. It is also a known fact that he has never been tested. I met with a couple of his past “clients” (I can’t share the process that gave me access to so many of them) and they agreed he has no morals or humanity. So if you are one of the very few who have not bent him over…yet. Be careful or carry good health insurance!
If you think you may have been infected, I’ll be happy to post numerous pics from my email including those forwarded to me.

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