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Harold Clayburn Raleigh, NC

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I trusted a man that I thought we had a committed relationship. In trusting him, I believed all his lies and pushed back doubts because I was devoted to him.
I recently learned that he has a new victim, a nurse from Wake Forest. I was in his bedroom when I noticed a pair of nurses’ pants laid across his chair. He stated it was his daughter’s who was in Sports medicine. Liar..He will tell you that he avoids dating overly faithful women due to ex-wife’s relationship with her Pastor and her leaving him as, “G*d told me to leave you.” Just know he chooses faithful women intentionally because our Christian ways are predictable…we will trust and be charitable. He will blame his ex-wife, a devout Christian, for all his financial problems, that she is the reason for their bankruptcy, that she kept allowing him to pay for her auto insurance for some 10 years plus after their divorce…hmmm?
She is the reason why while their children were minors would not visit with him outside of Jessie. Why does a woman leave after 22 years? I know now. I should have left when he pinched my arm so hard I bruised with a hematoma (I have pictures). He can be mean…I wasn’t the first he had done this to…check his work history (the ones recorded and what people say), as I have. He will tell you that he has Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and this is used when he wants to distance himself from a subject he’s threatened by. He will tell you it is partially his PTSD, stress, and hypertension why he is unable to sustain an erection or complete to o****m…which is frequent. Watch out for infections…there must have always been other women.

A positive note is that I have learned to listen to my inner voice…if it makes you think “hmmm?” It is a protective feature just for you. Another warning, he will tell you he’s about to be evicted and ask for help, his lights are or will be turned off, his tires are bald and it is a safety hazard, out of food and I have no money. Wake Forest, look around at all the new things, such as newly released DVDs, treadmill, spotswear, and electronics. If he is broke? I trusted blindly…you don’t do it. He will never pay you back! He dislikes his own people (Black folks) and this is sad. Listen to his comments about his Black co-workers. He is a conservative Republican…who cheats, lies, steals. I would cringe at the way he disparangly references Black Americans. He will tell you that he doesn’t date White women because he feels most Black women will appreciate him. Note, his mother was a German national. He has one brother who he will refer to as “controlling” and he is distant from him from time to time (all related to monetary matters). He told me his younger sister in San Diego is a “crazy” and who wouldn’t be if you lost your child…he reportedly went to console her in December 2016..? Wake Forest, question everything Harold Clayburn says…it is a lie. Women, because there are other women…beware of a 59 yoa, Former Marine, demoted transportation correctional officer with Central prison in Raleigh, NC. Thank you for allowing me this tberapuetic process.

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