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Hannahlyn Hope Harward Salt Lake City, Utah

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Hannahlyn is a con artist. She will tell you stories of how her family isn’t there for her. She will borrow money from you and when asked for any of it back will tell you that you’re rude for asking for it back. She will borrow your car and use it for drug deals and have no remorse when it gets damaged. Don’t leave anything near her that you no longer want. She will take it and claim you never told her she couldn’t have it. She looks sweet and will tell you she is but it’s all a front to her real nature. Con artist, full of lies, sneaky, drug abuser that cares only for herself. If you know her and have found this I highly suggest to run and run fast. Do not trust her. She isnt worth it. She will do enough to make you think she cares but at the end of everything she doesn’t care unless she gets something from it.

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