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Hannah Harper, Devon, England, United Kingdom

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Hannah Harper who is an adult actress, female adult performer or female adult entertainer and who comes from England is a wicked racist and a deceiving discriminator who has been against African-American males or Black males in particular because she totally despises them because of their skin and color complexion that they possess and have. Hannah Harper also goes by the name Hanna Harper, Hannah Hunter, and Hanna Oxx. Her original name is Samantha Hudson and she comes from Devon, England, United Kingdom. Racists such as Hannah Harper deserve full and strong condemnation, reviling and reproach for their wicked color discrimination and color prejudice which makes them mad sickos to say the least which is of course the case with Hannah Harper. This is what Hannah Harper rightfully deserves and this is why her wicked discrimination against males who are not Caucasian particularly those who are African American or Black must be fully and totally exposed and Hannah Harper as the sicko racist that she is must also be fully, completely, and comprehensively condemned.

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