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Gregory Scott Murray. Healdsburg California

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Gregory Scott Murray and Jennifer Murray of 2998 W Dry Creek Rd, Healdsburg allowed parents to abuse adopted child Allegra. Allegra was abused and neglected her entire life by the obese parents of Jennifer Murray. Jennifer’s dad starting abusing Ali from age 8. Allegra was also abused by Greg Murray. He strangled her as a teen. This poor girl was passed around family members for abuse for years. In the end, Allegra couldn’t take the abuse any more and killed herself. These scum bags should be made accountable for her death. The years of abuse drove her to suicide.

One thought on “Gregory Scott Murray. Healdsburg California

  1. Jennifer Murray, Donald Murray, Pauline Murray were all involved in the abuse that led to Allegra’s death. These trailer trash scum will rot in h**l for their child abuse and evil. Fat w***e Jennifer Murray knew her obese dad was abusing Allegra as a child and allowed it to happen.

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