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Grant W Tyner, Delray Beach, Fl

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Hes a 28 yr old loser and deadbeat dad. He has no education, graduated Boca High with a GED and then went to Tallahassee Community College where he dropped out of. Currently he flips burgers for a living in Coral Gables, Miami. Hes fluent in lies, excuses and bullshit. Every single solidary word that comes out of his mouth is a flat out lie. Hell ask friends for money and will never pay them back. Every single girl hes with is for a specific reason: to make him feel better about his pathetic self. He lived off of me for 2 yrs. He stole money from me. We have young kids together that he hasnt seen in over a yr. He hasnt sent a penny for them either. He begged me to have an abortion bc “his life was going to be over”. He always threatens to kill himself as well. Hes mentally unstable. He makes promises galore and has yet to deliver one. He takes advantage of EVERYONE! His penis doesnt even work, he has STD Herpes on it. He thinks girls die for him. His friends laugh behind his back. Hes the biggest joke and the sickest person Ive ever came encounter with. My heart breaks every single day for my kids though bc they dont deserve a sperm donor like him. They deserve so much better. If you know him Id suggest running as fast as you can unless you want to be played big time. If he has $100 in his name, thats a lot!!

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  1. This is not right in any way shape or form. If you have an issue with someone, you address it with them and keep your problems internal. This is sufficient for legal action.

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