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Grant Busbee Atlanta, Georgia

First Name : Grant
Last Name : Busbee
Gender : M
Age : 26
City : Atlanta
State : GA
Country : US

This guy is the biggest psycho I have ever met in my entire life. He not only has verbally abused me but has physically abused me as well. Bruises all over my arms. He once punched me in the neck. Another time he punched me in the face busted my nose and lip. He stole 900 dollars from me to do meth. He will call you fat ugly say your p***y smells.. say you suck at s*x. Anytime you turn him down about hanging out he will lash out screaming and calling you any name he can think of. He is a piece of trash. Please text him at ‭+1 (470) 371-8238‬ to let him know what a piece of s**t he is! Nobody should get away with beating women and stealing from them!

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