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Graham Smith, Bremerton, Washington

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I started an online sexual fantasy with Graham. It seemed perfect in the beginning, but noticed he would disappear for times and I got upset with this. To make a long story short, I was speaking to someone about this and guess what…we were BOTH being wood by this man. He falls in and out of love at the drop of a hat! He uses words like love, fate, connected, and will do anything not to lose you and promises to make it up to you. It is my sincere belief that in addition to being a serial dater and cheater that he is a liar and not a single word out of his mouth is true. So if you have ever been involved with him, or are currently involved, break all connections now. No emails, texting, phoning or meeting. Block and report if you see him on a dating sites. Let him know you will not give a chance to his lies and deceptions. When I confronted him, he denied everything, but I exchanged information with this other girl and he was trying to tell us both he loved us and wanted us forever and that it was only me and no other in his life or bed.I called his house and a woman answered the phone, so I just hung up.

2 thoughts on “Graham Smith, Bremerton, Washington

    1. Me 2.I meet him online a few years ago. He alway show up late an only return call or text if he have a vacancy an no woman 2 C that night. He claim he don’t want or look 4 relationshp, but persued me lot’s with freqent text, useally sexual in nature. He really full of himself an his prowess like he god’s gift 2 woman, but he attempts at sex were lame an pathetic.I really have 2 fake an put on a performance in response 2 this cause it’s comical 2 hear how full he was of himself. I’m not sure who he trying 2 kid.I get suspicious that I always have 2 contact him. He rarely call, only cause he have so many availabe victims at disposal that he is fooling around with at same time. He never stay the night an sneak out after waking up cause the loser immediately fell 2 sleep after sex. If U think U R only 1, U R just as stupid, weak an delusional as he is. I saw more of same testimony on cheaterville but site gone, 2 bad 4 women not 2 C all lies and trikcs uses. I’ve finished him 4 good.

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