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Glenn S. Hidalgo Brooklyn , New York

First Name : Glenn S.
Last Name : Hidalgo
Gender : M
Age : 50
City : Brooklyn
State : NY
Country : US
Alias 1 : Glenn Violet

This guy is a complete disaster. Warning: Stay away from him. He is a convicted felon (grand larceny). I saw his mug shot and his arrest record is currently online.

He sexually assaulted me in public by groping me down below in full view of other people watching. I was also told by a very reliable source that he repeatedly raped someone he was with for a long time.

He is absolutely a malignant narcissist/sociopathic con artist. He has zero empathy or compassion for anyone.

In fact he loves playing the perpetual victim and wants you to feel sorry for him so he can gain your sympathy and take full advantage to ultimately try to control
you. He loves to ask people for money and then never pay it back like he says he’s going to.

He is an emotionally abusive womanizer, pathological liar/cheater, (he lies about his age all the time) extremely manipulative, self-centered and very superficial. He loves to prey on women who are especially vulnerable. (Foreign women who are in the country illegally or women with no family or a lot of friends)

He loves to use his narcissist schemes of gaslighting, deflection, projection, pathological lying, guilt trips and various manipulation tactics of constantly calling you crazy, when clearly he is the one out of his mind. He also enjoys getting his “flying monkeys” to harass you.

He creates chaos and heartache everywhere he goes. He is toxic to his very core.

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