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Gianna Lozano Eureka, California

First Name : Gianna
Last Name : Lozano
Gender : F
Age : 29
City : Eureka
State : CA
Country : US
Phone : (909)210-3342
Website 1 : click to view website

Please be on the look out for this girl. Shes very manipulative. She uses every guy she meets. Has multiple STDs. She will start a relationship with you and act all innocent. Then she’ll start getting comfortable with you and start drinking excessively. She becomes very verbally and physically abusive. She has had multiple partners in one day. When she gets called out on her actions she becomes very violent and unpredictable. She harms herself and then calls the cops shortly after. She has major problems and needs help. She works for Califoria Bureau of Land Management. Shes also on Tinder, POF and other dating websites. Be careful.

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