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Geo Johnson, Shelby Township, Michigan

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I’m writing this post because this boy made me afraid for my life. I met him off tinder, he dressed nice, he was fancy, and charming. I dated him for about a month. I decided I was dating a bi polar psycho…he would turn everything around to make himself the victim. He would yell at me and go MIA for days. He always tried to get money from me with crazy stories. He talked about committing crimes together so he would be able to trust me!! I never gave him money. He even asked me to marry him and i swear i was scared if i said no he would hit me. Why didn’t I cut him off? Honestly because I was lonely and sometimes his affection made it worth it. I left after a month tho…I’ve never felt so afraid of someone. He once threatened to break down my door with his friends. He used to sell fake name brands on ebay. He works at Nordstroms and is seriously dangerous. He also has a gun. I want to warn other women because he made me realize psychopaths exist. I’m not attaching a pic but hes over 6 feet, black, skinny, and dresses expensive. HE IS A PSYCHOPATH. I almost got a restraining order but I called his bluff.

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