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Gary Stewart Valrico, Florida

First Name : Gary
Last Name : Stewart
Gender : M
Age : 53
City : Valrico
State : FL
Country : US
Email :
Phone : (813)716-3286

Liar, cheater, manipulator, controlling, superficial, emotionally, physically and psychologically abusive. Admittedly cheated on every wife and girlfriend he has had. Dated my friend for almost 2 years while also seeing an on again off again girlfriend. Told my friend she was the most beautiful woman he’s ever dated. Raved about her straight teeth and smile and sweetness. Then had his other girlfriend start working out, cut her hair and got the other woman braces. He is obsessed with physical appearance and making his woman to be exactly what he wants. He preys on insecure and weak women and uses harsh words and many breakups and makeups to keep them coming back. Sometimes he would see and sleep with both women on the same day. When one was out of town he would stay with the other.

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