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Gary Levermore Whitstable, –

First Name : Gary
Last Name : Levermore
Gender : M
Age : 55
City : Whitstable
State : -
Country : US

Doesn’t care about anyone but himself.

Caused me to attempt suicide numerous times and never even asked how I was afterwards, he was more concerned about information being posted about him on here. A shocking lack of empathy.

He hates women because his last two exes used him for both citizenship (Noelia) and children (Carolyn). He now thinks all women are like this and beats them up when they try to get close to him. He went on and on the first time I met him about how much he hates his exes’ guts.

This man has made me so ill that he has caused me to post this profile which in a healthy state of mind I would have otherwise not done.

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