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Frederick Lawrence McAllister 3rd, Hazel park, Michigan, united States

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He’s a piece of shit. Has cheated multiple times throughout our marriage. We split up for a year because I had enough of his bullshit and I went and found my own person who was going through similar bullshit. I took him back in September then come to find out in October he was cheating on me yet again with Valerie Bushthis time. The other times it was with Tammy Hiller hahaha and when he confronted me about it he beat the ever living fuck out of because he was cheating… What a douche bag… And when he left he took my bed TV pillows blankets everything… There is 4 warrants out for his arrest and I hope he gets arrested because this isn’t his first time and he’s looking at prison time. If you know where he is you can contact the Hazel park police and let them know

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