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Frank Diaz, Southern California

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Yeah, don’t fall for this dead beat pretty words unless you want to be involved in a whirlwind 3 day romance that promised the world and then some. He has 6 kids and acts like a kid! He will not pay any support for his children..He will tell you that his wife couldn’t “keep her legs together”, he will tell you that he’s been hurt many times and he will tell you that he wants a best friend to spend the rest of his life with. He will promise you that he wants to get married again and he will tell you everything you want to hear to convince you that he’s serious about a real relationship. Good thing is, my walls were up and I was able to bounce back right away after he broke up with me ON A TEXT MESSAGE!!!! He promised me the world, took me to his house and practically opened up his whole life in front of me to make me trust him….. yah, watch out for those who expose everything right away, they are the ones really hiding something! If you want to have a 3 day romance and get ignored for the next 5 days to then receive a text message telling you that “he’s not ready for a relationship”, go ahead and date him. Believe me, he will make you think that you have finally found a real man who doesn’t play games while in the meantime, that’s exactly what he is doing. What an artist! If you encounter this real player, run the other way!!!!!

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