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Frank Constable, Stamford, New York

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I met him on, charming, good body, well spoken. So charming that on the third date, we were intimate. 5 years this man took from my life. I went to court for him, let him live with me for free, etc. I married him in Feb 2011. From the beginning, women sent me emails and messages with pics of him with other women. This douche bag cheated with countless women our entire relationship. He is a hopeless alcoholic narcissist. He posts countless selfless on Face Book and always sleep with several women during the same period of time. Physically abusive when he gets drunk! He has cheated in every relationship hes been in, including both marriages. When you face him with the fact that you have proof, he will fly into a rage. He will tell everyone you are psychotic. Has three children, hasn’t raised any of them. Does NOT use protection during sex!

3 thoughts on “Frank Constable, Stamford, New York

  1. A wreckless alcoholic. He was married when we were together (I didn’t know) and he cheated on me also. Abusive and controlling, has a long family history of mental illness, drugs, alcohol. Totally true about him not being involved in any of his kids life. Even lets his elderly family raise his kid with no help or support from him. Pretends he will change his ways and has seen the light but it is just a bunch of bull, usually when he has been kicked out of another womens bed and life. Stay clear of this loser if you know whats good for you.

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