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Franca Stedile Angeli MD Haverford , Pennsylvania

First Name : Franca
Last Name : Stedile Angeli MD
Gender : F
Age : 47
City : Haverford
State : PA
Country : US
Alias 1 : Franca Angeli MD
Alias 2 : Franca Stedile Brownstein
Alias 3 : Franca Stedile Spiandorello
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Franca Stedile Angeli MD had a long term secret affair with Bruce Brownstein, who was married and had 3 children. Then Franca got pregnant with Bruce’s baby, and she, Bruce and their child carried on in secret as a married couple. Franca was aware that Bruce was married and had children, but seemed to have no issues not just having an affair, but then getting pregnant and having his child. She apparently is listed as having had a broad technical background of more than 15 years of experience in R&D, with specific training and expertise in designing, conducting and managing pre-clinical and clinical studies; data collection (including eCOA), statistical analysis, and database management; understanding and applying regulatory, ethical, and institutional policies and procedures; supporting IND/NDA fillings; and supervising work in single and multicentric clinical trials as well in laboratory settings.

She is responsible for “ethical” policies and procedures in clinical trials which seems incompatible with her personal history of being ethically and morally compromised.

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