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Franca Stedile Angeli Brownstein MD Haverford, Pennsylvania

First Name : Franca
Last Name : Stedile Angeli Brownstein MD
Gender : F
Age : 47
City : Haverford
State : PA
Country : US
Alias 1 : Franca Angeli
Alias 2 : Franca Brownstein
Alias 3 : Franca Stedile Angeli Spiandorello
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Franca had an affair with Bruce Brownstein (and g*d knows how many other married men) and then “forgot to take her birth control pills” and got pregnant with Bruce’s child. Bruce was married and had 3 children. Franca is a desperate serial cheater and due to her personality could not find any normal single man who would want to marry her and have a kid with her. So she decided to go on the hunt for married men. Once she got pregnant, she thought Bruce would leave his wife, but he had no intention of ever leaving her. While Franca was pregnant, Bruce also impregnated another woman, and perhaps even more who knows, but since Franca was desperate and no normal man would have her, she was good with Bruce impregnating other women. Once Bruce’s wife found out about his need to impregnate desperate women, she left him. Airports are a popular place for Franca to hunt for married men….

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