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Fort Myers

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This winner is named Adam. As the pictures show, Adam has a micro dick. A penis the size of a baby’s. It barely penetrated me, and he would have to use his fingers to get me off. Plus, his lil clit dick would spurt it’s teeny wad of cum almost immediately. And r eally, the farther that weird sad thing was from my vagina, the better. It’s sad and creepy.

Well Mr. Teeny tiny penis (aka Adam) still managed to convince some other poor girl to tolerate that thing, and cheated and left me. After years of telling Adam that it’s fine and I like it, he goes and cheats? Wow. Well, guess what ladies I have two major warnings for Mr. Teensie Tiny.

A) The first should be obvious. That thing isn’t just small, it’s like it never grew. Ever. It’s the tiniest dick I’ve ever dealt with in life. And I started trying to look up small dick pics online, just to compare his. And Adams teeny lil baby cock, which would spurt teeny lil semen all on his lil baby balls as soon as Adam would pull of his undies. So warning, pin dick that spurts to fast.

B) And second, even though Adam has a pin penis that is so tiny he was embarrassed to change in the gym. He would wear his workout clothes there and back. He told me its because he doesn’t like using their showers cuz they are dirty. But he didn’t like using their showers because his teensie tiny clit would stsnd out like a tiny sore baby thumb when next to real guys dicks. Honestly, I’m surprised Adam even had the guts to have sex at all. If I were Adam, and I had an infant dick that came to soon, I would avoid sex at all costs. Cuz baby, girls talk. And we talked about your baby dick. All the time. But he somehow managed to cheat on me with that sad gross worm. And thsts what really makes Mr. Sad Pants a loser. Oh and yes, that’s Mr. Tiny wearing my clothes. We would have a game, that was “private” wear I made him wear my clothes, and he had to wear them till he cleaned. And i would invite guests over, so he woud be running around trying to clean everything before they showed. My friends didn’t me, so I hid a cam for proof. Oops, Adam. My bad. At least I didn’t post the pics of you dolled up snd playing with my vibrator. Oops, dudnt mean to say that. Or the one of you when we drank with my friend Mike. And well, let’s just say mr. Tiny dick met mr. Super dick. And Adam lost. And was sore from that loss for days. Woops.

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