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Flavia Alvarez, Modesto, California

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This is like second time I have had to do this to this woman Flavia Alvarez. My husband messed it up getting involved with a drug addict and cheating on me but we are trying really hard to fix our marriage and he is also trying really hard… but this women keeps texting my husband for any reason and he is tired of her as I am too. We have blocked her so many times and she keeps using different cell numbers. She has asks for money in order to leave us alone. She just doesn’t get it. She is giving me anxiety, stressing me out. I am tired. I know my husband messed up bad but enough is enough. Please help me share this, this lady needs to stop bothering me. She does drugs and she did drugs while pregnant which is her life but this is how horrible a person she is. She did not just get involved with my husband, she actually is trying to hurt me when I have done nothing to her.

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