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Ezell Strong, Fort Dodge, Iowa

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Ezell Strong is a married man and disgusting piece of shit who has slept with everyone’s wife, girlfriend, every whore he can find and even transgenders, in the cities of Fort Dodge, Webster City and Chicago, he also let’s gay men suck his dirty penis. He has the Herpes virus and is spreading it and giving women a lifelong devastating disease that they can never get rid of because he is a careless selfish coward who destroys lives and brings babies into the world and letting other men take care of them and think their the father because he gets married women pregnant, he gives his children birth defects because he does crack and sleeps with women who do crack and create truckloads of crack babies. He is a part of the Fort Dodge welcoming party and sticks his penis inside any and everything man, woman, dogs and cats because he’s an animal too. Remember that crack kills and destroys lives and families.

One thought on “Ezell Strong, Fort Dodge, Iowa

  1. Attention people if my husband has herpes do I have them too? If I have children with him and his children have birth defects does that mean our children do too? Help I say these things about him trying to ruin his life but I don’t think about how that makes me look or sound? I really just need to realize I threw away the best thing and am just being a big ass baby because he left I mean I don’t blame him I sat at home all day and did nothing didn’t cook didn’t clean absolutely nothing except bitch! Now I lost him to a girl I know nothing about! But I will continue to try and ruin them! Ps good luck on that because the 2 people you continue to write about are very happy and none of these things are true but we all know that! But keep up keyboard thug! Adding another to the mix I hear 7months or so

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