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Ewa Jankojc. Aberdeen. New Jersey USA

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Ewa Jankojc Arrested; The Incriminating Cheating Wife who got Caught FREEHOLD — After months of private investigation, Ewa Jankojc (Rzekos), 47, the disgraced cheating wife of Cliffwood, New Jersey, was finally arrested on a warrant and charged with criminal harassment in violation of a Monmouth County Superior Court issued Domestic Violence Restraining Order against her. With the intent to hide the shame and guilt of her summer affair with her daughter’s tennis coach, a younger man of 24 years old, during the months of October – December 2016, Ewa Jankojc allegedly resorted to measures of criminal coercion, terroristic threats, and methods of extortion in an attempt to maintain her false reputation of being an upstanding, honest, and virtuous member within her immediate communities. Shortly after the realization of not being able to prevent information of her infidelity from leaking out, Ewa Jankojc sought revenge and made the conscious decision to manipulate the justice system through making false statements to law enforcement, signing incriminating complaints, and seeking court based resources with the underlying aim to punish all those known to her who were of knowledge of her private affairs. Working as a full-time Relationship Banker at Chase Bank in Hazlet, New Jersey; a mother of a twelve-year old daughter, and a married woman of 15 years, Ewa Jankojc had no decency or respect for the wellbeing of those who trusted and loved her and placed her selfish endeavors and personal retribution with little to no thought regarding the repercussions of her decisions. Ewa Jankojc has been arrested, processed, released on bail pending court date. ***It is advised at this time that if you feel coerced, threatened, or harassed to report all interactions with Ewa Jankojc to your local police department within your jurisdiction.***

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