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Eugene Black TOLEDO, Ohio

First Name : Eugene
Last Name : Black
Gender : M
Age : 42
State : OH
Country : US
Alias 1 : Gino
Website 1 : click to view website

Sexual predator of all ages including teens. Has a record for one incident. Is a violent alcoholic. Is a liar and a cheat. Can’t hold a job so lives off women. Uses anyone for what he can get from them. Preyed on his step daughters friends when underage and felt up his ex wives friends when they were over. He tried to have s*x with step daughters 18 yr old cousin when he offered her a ride home from step daughters house. Preys on SEVERAL women at once via fb and tries to sleep with every bartender he meets. He also has herpes he gets on his mouth and nose. Hes addicted to s*x and watching p**n of teen girls. Mostly of girls getting raped. He is also mentally unstable and physically abusive.

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