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Erwin Barrios Oklahoma city, Oklahoma

First Name : Erwin
Last Name : Barrios
Gender : M
Age : 33
City : Oklahoma city
State : OK
Country : US

This man is a sick one. He is 33 and chases after very underage little girls. He has two young daughters and preys on their friends. Authorities wont do anything because they can’t prove anything plus, He is a illegal alien in this country. He was trying to hook up with a 13 year old girl and unfortunately she had a crush on him because he had been grooming her and other little girls for years. So, her and another underage girl wont tell on him. He is attractive and seems very nice will help others and he seemed like a really nice guy BUT he is not! It sickens me because he and I dated for a while until I found out from an underage girl what he was doing on snap chat and facebook. You would never believe in a million years this man is a pedophile but he is and it’s disgusting! IF you meet this man keep him far from your children!! And stay away he lies and cheats and I think he is just dating women to get a green card, also he targets women with young girls to befriend. Be careful, he can suck you in due to how nice and normal he seems. WOLF in sheep clothing. BEWARE!!!

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