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Ernesto Jimenez, Buckeye, Arizona

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Ernesto Jimenez is married but likes to date strippers, he is a constant cheater when I meet him he told me that he was no longer with his wife and all along they were still together I feel sorry for her if she only knew what a dog and lying person he is ..he is constantly cheating he likes to date gold diggers so I will say this is the man because he will buy you whatever you like and a bonus if your a stripper.. hes a washed up wanna be rap singer so much for talent. Ladies beware of this constant cheater he thinks he is a smooth talker.

check out his low budget video with those strippers a few of them he cheated on his wife with. and this is not including myself.

6 thoughts on “Ernesto Jimenez, Buckeye, Arizona

  1. This man is by far the sweetest person I’ve ever met he’s a good father great friend to say the least, I’ve known him for years and he’s always been such a motivativig positive friend so for whoever to try and slander his name on social media rather then handle herself like a women not much credit given here. this is insanely ridiculous and I give you a two thumbs down for trying to discredit his music only says your a miserable person get it together!!!!!! ….. The posting above are lies from a bitter dramatic little girl

    1. This guy is an absolute joke. He recieves child support from the mother of his kids. Seriously what mam does that. Exactly he is not a man at all. He is a washed up wanna be rapper / little boy who who recieves child support for his so called rap career. What a joke this guy is. If he was such a good man then why did his ex leave him for all the times he cheated on her with multiple women and multiple times. Good father hahahahaha. A real man takes care of his kids and doesn’t have mommy over at the house to cook and clean for him. That’s what little boys do seriously.

      1. hahaha!!! This shit is so immature.

        Ernesto, I give you major props brother for continuing to do you and showing how much of a better man you are and have been. Not once have you posted the peoples names that have caused all this (even though I think you should post them because its the truth). Its been over a year maybe even longer that your ex had her affair and they are still worried and posting things about you trying to smear your name? wow. Pathetic. We all know how much of a downgrade she made brother, so just brush this bullshit off and keep shining my man.

        THE PEOPLE THAT MATTER KNOW THE TRUTH, and thats what matters.

  2. Why is it that the truth has not been posted? Why are the names of the real cheaters not on here or on any other site? Shows what kind of man this guy really is while his ex and her piece of shit boy toy keep trying to smear his name! Please let me blast them and their real names! Then we will see who is laughing last. Pathetic little kids, posting childish things. Aint you two suppose to be living happily ever after? Thats right you cant because when you destroy families there aint no happily ever after dumb asses. We will see. You two are a joke, everyone knows the truth and are laughing at your pathetic relationship! Let me blast their names please. Keep being the good man that you are EJ, dont let these pathetic losers bother you. They are nothing and just jealous of how your moving forward and in a positive manner because they cant! He is more famous than you, made world wide news anyways haha!!

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