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Erik Thor Huprich, Uniontown, PA, USA

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My ex is a seasoned cheater navigating websites like chaturbate, xxxbooks, adult friend finder, duck books, and more. But not only internet stuff but skype, facebook, MySpace, Xbox, and others as well as hooking up with some skank named Sylvia woffell in Augsburg, Germany while married for over 18 years. He loves his escorts too and also had a fling with a little girl named alisa Torres from Escondido, ca.
He’s also an abuser of women. Verbal, physical, mental, financial using others to get ahead and cheat on his wife and child while spinning the tale of the victim.
He’s a obese dog who has taken viagra and cialis and still is a man who can’t last even after the blue pills. He hasn’t satisfied in over 10 years all the time I hoped he’d be able to perform he just couldn’t. But big man runs all over trying to get a bj wherever he can. He’s got body cysts all over and can’t get rid of them. Was afraid at times one may squirt on me-gross. Wears man spanx he calls underarmour underwear but they’re just the underwear version of a girdle. Sad sad little boy. Goes by humpty59, Thor, arekahn, and erock. Steer clear and beware.

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