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Eric moe walnut creek california

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6’5 ex military now coast guard stationed in alameda. Lives in walnut creek but moved around a lot. Previously in alabama, and san Diego, Seattle. 33

Uses online dating sites to lure women. Currently using handle ericwalnutcreek
Pretends to be single and into only you. He had a gf of 6 months who had been pregnant while he was fucking me on the side. He is disgusting. Never uses condoms either

Google Eric Matthew Moe and psychopath and 10 years of reports from other women will pop up linking him to rape, child pornography, snuff and porn. Likes fucking pregnant women, black women, even though he is racist. Can be very very submissive. His gf told me his marriage had ended in after one year because of his crazy sex addiction and dark porn addiction

I know, he seems nice!!! And He is very attractive!!!

He can be very very polite and kind at times but promise me he is hiding a lot of darkness and will eventually use you for sex. He will sau whatever you want to hear to make you fall for him. But He is a relentless cheater. I believe he was fucking at least 2 other women while telling me he’s devoted to me. When confronted He didn’t even care. He is at worst a psychopath. His emotions do not run deep. Years of combat probably ruined him. And let’s be real ladies, he is broke, after working for 10 years, he still is in crazy debt and he is dumb as a doorknob.

Stay far away. He will ruin you. This is not just some “woman scorned” he truly messed with my head, and got his ex pregnant on purpose against her wishes. He is fucked up

3 thoughts on “Eric moe walnut creek california

  1. I meet this guy!

    He is now using handle Ericcalif and is listed as orinda
    and is 34

    super sexual! comes off quiet at first
    i just had a very bad feeling about him and stopped talking

    i am at i would rather discuss private stuff in private

    Eric Moe
    walnut creek military sex okcupid 6’5 ericcalif walnutcreekboy

  2. Alright you, it’s you who posted all this and commented on all of it all over the internet… Clearly, you’re sick and need help as well and I mean “ mentally”. I’m not trying to be mean but you’re just not a good person to be cyber bullying someone online like this. Yes, I’m sure he wasn’t good to you and probably isn’t good to a lot of other women out there. But hey, he’s just a guy, a son and a brother…who’s loved by his family and who loves his family very much. Yes, you are hurting and we all can see it. But please, be a mature woman and move on. Maybe you can find someone better. You just have to believe in yourself. I have never met you and I don’t need to but I’m sure you’re not ugly so just stop what you’re doing and start doing something that will better yourself. He is not the best out there and he just doesn’t want to be with you otherwise he wouldn’t have left you. Love yourself, clear your mind and please stop hurting others! Including yourself. He will get his one day, what goes around comes around. Thank you!

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