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Eric Gwisdala, Summerfield, Florida

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He has email telling women he has to be discrete and there were meeting places at hotels. I tried to email them to my email but he caught me on his phone. I know he is. He has came home with hickies on his neck and chest and told me they were burns. He said he was working and I found receipts in his truck from places to far away from his work and not hours of breaks or lunch. He always has his phone on him and has a lock on it. He tells me I need help and I was crazy. I have found panties and cum stains on our sheets. I was out of town and those were clean sheets. He taunts me and then tells me I am crazy. I have one pic of him and a girl he worked with but it didn’t show his face. He has a scar that matches up. Everything in that pic matches up.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: “Kalista Marston”
Date: Mar 16, 2013 10:31 PM
Subject: Re: Ongoing 3some? – w4mw – 36 (Tha country) – 36
To: “Eric”

Damn such a shame ur sexy as hell and Ive hooked up with one guy since
I got here in 9 months but I really wanted a 3some and a girl on girl
experience but I found one girl so hopefully it will work out Mon wish
me luck (SN if u want to have a one on one session keep me in mind)

On 2/7/13, Eric wrote:
> ——– Original message ——–
> From: Kalista Marston
> Date:
> To: Eric
> Subject: Re: Ongoing 3some? – w4mw – 36 (Tha country) – 36
> I cant travel do to me have a little one but I am available if you
> come to ttown I am a bbw black lady is that a problem?

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