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Emmanuelle Fischmann Silva Santisteban

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Emmanuelle Fischmann Silva Satisteban is one of the biggest sluts i have met in my life. this cheating cunt is simply addicted to having dicks fuck her in all her holes. she was my girlfriend for 3 years and i supported her through thick and thin, with money, with her studies, with her shit family problems. and how did she thank me? she ran off to spain on a eurotrip fuck tour sucking the dicks of every guy who shared a hostel with her. in the end i discovered the hard way, when i saw my best friend burying his hard hairy cock in her small tits and covering them with his sticky cum.. my friend later proved to me with text messages and pictures of her wide loose pussy that she was the one who started flirting with him and sexting him and begging for his dick. she was abused by her father as a child, which is why she is bitter and acts like she’s a big shit,,, whn she starts acting like the angry whore she is, just give her two slaps on her ugly face and she’ll go back to crying and begging like the manipulative cum slut she is. i don’t endorse hitting women but this bitch lacks the femininity to even be called a woman. just fuck her hard and dump her and don’t let her take your money or manipulate you into feeling sorry for her non ending sad stories. you’ll thank me later boys.

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