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Emily Chase and she is a woman in her early 20s who lives in Schaumberg Illinois in the united states and works at a facility for people with autism.

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This girl named Emily Chase is a white woman with dark brown hair and who is overweight and a low down cheating slut who lives in Schaumburg Illinois in an apartment that her parents and side dudes are helping pay for who i dated for about a year back in 2016 and broke up with in spring of 2017 is a fraud who uses her charity work at a facility for patients dealing with autism in Mchenry illinois as a speech and physical rehab therapist who works at Alexander Leigh Center for autism as a way to find men to have sex with during her lunch break and after work hours. She puts on this persona that she is an angel and a matyr which is a front since she has slept with three of my male family members in my own bedroom and i caught her once in the act sucking his dick when i came home from work to meet her. She is especially attracted to married men or attached men and any man that will look at her. She goes through facebook and looks for random dudes to have sex with and uses the line Hi i think you’re cute! Do you want to go out on a date?. She especially goes after urban men in city of chicago who lives on the west and south sides of the city and her preference of choice is puerto rican men with low self esteem and black men who have money so she can take everything they have and then leave them hanging dry and emotionally and financially broken and bankrupt. She has a habit of making a man with low self esteem feel like he is number one and then when he enters the relationship she starts to cheat with his male family members and also has a habit of paying male prostitues in her local town of schaumburg for their sexual services. Also she can not be trusted around any man and any one who has a male family member or who is interested in dating her this a warning to watch out. Also she has slept with her best friend’s named amy who has a black man and she goes behind her back when she is at work to give him a blowjob and have him fuck her. She says the only reason she would have sex with peurto rican or black men is bevause of their genatila which she said is big and has stamina and skills better than any white man she has fucked. She has fucked at least 20 guys in the past year that i know of but estimates can go as high as 40 men. Word on the street from her brother who i am still in contact with is he is currently dating a young man who goes by the last name of rivera who lives in chicago on the north side and is working at a hospital and is ambitous and wants to better himself. If he goes with her he will have his life ruined forever.

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