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Emily Bialas Jade Ocean Solowomanadventures, Illinois

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Emily Bialas Jade Ocean Solowomanadventures fat pig to cheating prostitute. So once again Emily Bialas , Jade Ocean or the Solowomanadventures has struck again. Calling up your husbands to suck them off and left the stick it anywhere for money. This crazy thing just can’t stop herself.

Look at this pic. She went from fat pig to a skinny dirty two timing cheating husband f ing prostitute. She leaves her kids along with her husband and goes f s whoever she wants, sends the disgusting pics of herself. Oh Boo woo. Your life is so tough. Stop complaining you fake a** wannabe model actress. All you are good form is laying on your back and taking as many d’s as you can. What dieses don’t you have. You call yourself a mother. You are just a joke of a human being..

Call her at 312-498-6852, check out her cheating on her website or her Instagram. It is under the same title, call this pig what she is. Make her feel as dirty as she is..

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