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Elizabeth Beran Bloomington & Roscoe Illinois

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Cheating cunt thought she could have a husband and a boyfriend at the same time and when her husband had enough of it & said he was done with her ass,all of a sudden he was the bad guy. Not only that but she was so desperate for attention because she was so miserable with how fat and out of shape she was that she would be green with envy of others around her she would look for ways to try and make herself feel better by attacking and talking bad about people she was jealous of. She would hit on your man behind your back and then smile to your face. She implys that women will get raped for dressing a certain way, again trying to shame them because of her insecurities. Accuse people of stealing when she knows who the real culprit was and then when shit starts to come crashing down on her and she gets a taste of her own medicine she plays the victim and she’s pretty good at manipulating people to help cover for her by playing the scared wounded victim and she knows exactly what she’s doing and people will simply play along, knowing how sad, desperate, jealous and pathetic she truly is and she will never own up to her wrong doings. Biggest liar I’ve ever met!

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