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Elizabeth Anne Ebbesen

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Elizabeth Ebbesen is a gold digger, pathological liar and a cheater, She will do anything to marry a wealthy man…even cheat. She was my girlfriend and another mans at the same time. She was also on dating sites looking for a richer man. This woman is a con person. She is also a convicted felon on probation for child endangerment.

Stay away from this whore gold digger. She will take your money and run.

2 thoughts on “Elizabeth Anne Ebbesen

  1. Thomas Scott Bain of San Diego is the man who posted these falsehoods. He is under current investigation by the Napa County Sherrif’s Department for felony stalking of this woman. He is an emotionally damaged liar whose motivation to damage and impugn Ms. Ebbesen’s character is due to her request to refuse contact to Bain, who considers himself to be a “jilted lover”. He posted similar false statements about his former wife Patricia Kellam Bain, following their separation. He served more than 40 days in the SAN Diego County Jail for violating her protective order and was, as well, arrested for stalking her.

  2. I just want everyone to know I am the author of this post. I wrote it when I was drunk and angry. None of it is true…Elizabeth is a good, kind, caring person. I have been trying to have this hurtful post removed by the site owners, but they will not respond to my emails. I hope they see this comment then do the right thing and remove this post. Tom Bain just add a 91 and Gmail I will gladly verify myself.

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