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Elise Givens-Brown Knoxville, TN USA

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Elise Brown is an undercover whore who “works” for PCI in Knoxville, TN

She cheats on her husband with numerous men, has unprotected sex, and is exposed to crabs and other diseases. She has been known to have sex with her co-workers.

Elise is useless at her job. People from other companies dread working with her. She is so incompetent that she does not know what she’s doing. Other people hate working with her, and they complain about how worthless she is. Everybody knows she gets on her knees to keep her job and has sex with her boss. Anybody else would have been fired a long time ago.

Elise is too cheap to buy her own cigarettes, and makes everyone else support her habit. She refuses to tip food servers, and steals food from other people’s plates, while she orders from the kids’ menus. She’s an absolute embarrassment out in public, because she is so rude to other people. Elise used to be a waitress herself, but has slept her way to a salary-paid job. And she does as little as possible for the money she makes. Mostly she earns her money on her back and on her knees, like a prostitute.

She has a few anchor babies that she sticks with her husband, so she can go out and satisfy her sick addictions of shopping and sex. She spends more time shopping at the mall and getting nailed by her ebony stud at the gym, than she spends at home with her children. She is too selfish to be a mother. Elise prefers to stick her kids with her husband while she spreads for other men. She loves bbc and dp. Elise Brown is a selfish hedonist.

Elise was a teen mom and has been getting laid since she was a kid. It’s the only thing she knows. And she is threatened by other women stealing the attention of men, from her. Elise has spent lots of money on plastic surgery/tummy tubs/breast implants to compete with hotter women with better bodies.

She is truly a disgusting pig! Avoid her at all costs.

One thought on “Elise Givens-Brown Knoxville, TN USA

  1. Yes, Elise Brown gives oral and has intercourse with her boss, Esley Hall. He only defends her because she puts out to him. Esley Hall is a cheap scam artist. That weasel wouldn’t give anything to anybody, without expecting something back in return. Esley Hall is NOT a generous employer. He is just as selfish and is as self-serving as Elise is. Both of them display a narcissistic, sociopath personality. Not only that, but Elise Brown has also been to bed with Esley Hall’s (adult) son, Hunter too; when he worked there. Both father and son banged David Brown’s wife, Elise! Possibly at the same time! Everybody at PCI Knoxville knows that both men nailed this woman. And everyone also knows what a promiscuous skank she is. They all laugh at her, because she’s nothing but a joke! Elise Givens-Brown is an immoral s1ut with no dignity!

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