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Elena Orriss, Washington

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So this cheating tramp, first loves military men, especially married men, and has pretty much slept her way through the entire male population at joint base lewis mcchord, except for maybe a couple single guys, and miss not so bright here now has her sights on a convicted rapist, that openly admitted to raping and bruitilizing women, she definitely has my vote for poster child for birth control, but even better she has no problem with leaving her daughter with someone like that. Hey miss not so bright do us all a favor and don’t reproduce the world doesn’t need anymore people that are stuck on stupid, oh but thanks for breaking up 14 marriages and lets not even think about all the innocent children that actually suffered because of u

3 thoughts on “Elena Orriss, Washington

  1. Not sure who would want a fugly skank that resembles a man, but I guess the desperate need love to. And to have a thing for a rapists can you say gutter trash! Butchy obviously has no morals.

  2. It’s one thing to be a tri-care whore wannabe, but to drool over a convicted rapist is another. Then again the bitch looks like a man I guess butchy needs love to!

  3. bud, you sad sack, fat, sweaty, beta cuck, incel piece of shit. The guy who wrote this has violent rape fantasies and lives with his parents. Also he has a tiny cock, short guy complex, and entitlement that drives his hatred of women.

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