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Elena Mehanoshina, “Anna”, Ekaterinburg, Russia (The Scammer Who Scammed Me)

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Elena Mehanoshina, Ekaterinburg, Russia ( scammed me some time ago. In her first letter she called herself “Anna” and introduced herself this way:

“Hi new friend
It is glad to you to write.
My name Anna. Has noticed your profile,
And at once has decided to write to you.
I will be very glad to our acquaintance. I send the photo.
I look forward to hearing from you. I hope, you not against our acquaintance!

We would exchange between us all in all 187 correspondences and I believe I was falling in love with her. Over time, I asked her to come and visit me but she said she did not have the money and so I volunteered to help which I would send over to her by Western Union. She sent me the following details in a later E-mail message where she spoke of the amount of money she needed and where to send her the money:

“Greetings my love XXXX
Thanks for your trust my dear. You the most remarkable man on light. I was right, when have started to trust you. My heart felt. You felt that that man who is necessary to me. Which loves me. Which wishes to be a number. Together, on always!! I thank you for everything that you do for me…… I grieve for you. And it is fast, we will be together!!! You and I!!! Thanks for everything that you do for me… For the sake of our future, for the sake of our general happiness, I will do all…. You will be the happy man. You will forget with me, bad experience with other girl. We will be together happy. I promise to you))) you will soon be convinced of it. Please, let yours doubts depart. Depart away from you. That in your head, there were thoughts on us. About our meetings. About our fine evenings, about that as we will walk, have fun, laugh, love together the durg-friend. You and I!!!! At me the sea of thoughts. Ocean of feelings for you. . All it I wish to give you. To do you by the happiest man on light. You will feel it, at our meeting. My love, my heart is burnt with a passion flame. My soul rejoices that has met such man. I write you the data that you could send money

name: elena
Country: Russia
City: Ekaterinburg
Address: mira 13-45
Index: 620990

You ask, how many it is necessary money that could fly to you. I wrote to you that for me is available 550$. It is flight to London. After London, I have found the cheapest ticket, 1420$. I am right? If you could find the ticket more cheaply then speak to me. After reception of money. I will call at once to you. To book the ticket aboard the plane. And to you to tell flight number. ”

However something mysterious would occur every time I sent her money. It seemed somehow every time she would receive the money I sent her she would lose it by a robbery for example or have to pay some very demanding expense like rent for an apartment as she would later on tell me and then she would later on ask for more which I would always send to her out of a good, generous, and compassionate heart. However, I soon caught on to her game but it was too late when I realized she would never come to meet me (and this did cause me great heartbreak I can tell you). In total I estimate I sent her over $2000 plus United States dollars. I am mad (very, very mad) and want this woman caught and exposed. She even sent me a fake passport (that I was able to learn about through an anti-scam site was indeed fake). I am posting this here so that this Russian scammer will be exposed and perhaps even caught. She will have her day because all who do evil to others will have it catch up to them eventually and have it paid back to them in full. Trust me. Her day indeed is coming for this.

P.S. She used a account and her E-mail that she used was: ( as previously posted above.

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