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Dwayne Rettinger of Investors Group is the epitome of a fraud in Toronto Ontario Canada

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Dwayne Rettinger of Investors Group in Toronto Ontario Canada epitomizes everything that is wrong with greed and he is the worst of human kind that can be! Dwayne Rettinger is a financial consultant at Investors Group (a wealth management group that helps people with retirement savings). My aging parents hired Dwayne Rettinger to manage their savings but he made all these bad investments that saw their entire savings disappear! Now we know that Dwayne Rettinger has done this to many other hard-working innocent people. Dwayne Rettinger makes all these false promises of wealth growth which are all BS. Yet Dwayne Rettinger has been married three times, has had numerous extra-marital affairs (including father a child with a teenage babysitter! Vulnerable people out that need to be cautious of Dwayne Rettinger and his despicable ilk!

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