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Dwayne Eric Creech, Everett, MA US

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OK I don’t even know where to start . I have been with this man for over a year. I know that he has cheated on me. I was devestated when I found out. He and I were very serious. We were going to spend the rest of our lives together. I was extremely close to his family , I would go visiting his family every weekend . I’ve met all of his children, he even spoke about adopting my daughter when we got married. I just dont know how he had time for all these different women when I occupied a lot of his time. He was like a father to my girls….he’s actually calling me right now. He can go to hell. And if any of you girls are dumb enough to stay with him, tell him to stop calling Teresa, I want nothing to do with him and tell him to stop texting me right now! I’ll post a pic of his ugly face because we all know he is ugly, we just fell for his charm. Good luck to all you ladies.

Dwayne Creech

2 thoughts on “Dwayne Eric Creech, Everett, MA US

  1. Hi. I have known him for years. We just started to talk about dating. We’re you seeing him? I will back off and shut the door on this now.

  2. I have meet this guy and he seamed very sweet. But if you dating him in will stay away. Can you if your not can you the last time you were with him. If he is a cheater I want nothing to do with him.

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