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Dustin Oliver Fresno , California

First Name : Dustin
Last Name : Oliver
Gender : M
Age : 39
City : Fresno
State : CA
Country : US

Women Beware, this man is dangerous. Dustin is a classic narcissist and will love bomb you, idealize you, gain your sympathy, tell stories of being victimized in past relationships, Isolate you from friends and family, get you to move in with him, and he will end up trying to hurt you or take your life. He has done this to several women. He has a history of being dangerous with firearms and was arrested for domestic violence for chasing a woman with a loaded gun at his home on N El Sol Ave. He has tried to get other women to intentionally overdose on their own prescription drugs. Please do yourself a favor and run a background check, where you will find out about his DUI, domestic violence arrest and more. At least two women have had to get restraining orders on him after repeated threats. RUN. Your life is in danger.

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